Future of Transport

✔ For students in years 7-11

What will the future of transport look like? What inspiration could come from nature? Is there a more connected way to get from home to your destination? What will the vehicles of the future look like? What kind of transport will take us to Mars in 2050? The way we use public transport has changed significantly with COVID-19, and the public transport sector faces numerous problems around social distancing and capacity. Could you use design, technology or engineering to help tackle some of these issues?

How could you improve safety at airports, train stations, level crossings.

You may want to design a clever feature for cars, buses or planes which you think would transform your experience of travel : make it more interesting, safer or comfortable.

What might a modern band want to have in their tour bus?

What might the driving school of the future look like?

Transport is a fascinating area to consider. What do you think it could look like in the future?

Think about tackling some of the problems people with a disability may experience. For instance Hayley uses a wheelchair and public transport to get to work. However sometimes the bus ramps don’t work or the space for wheelchairs is full of pushchairs. Could you design an app which would make Hayley’s life easier? Find out more about her story here:

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