TeenTech Gold Award

A Gold Award recognises, innovative thinking, problem solving, entrepreneurial attributes and networking capabilities. The award is issued when an entry has a demonstrable commercial or social value. This needs to be evidenced through clear identification of target market, value (commercial or otherwise) and future potential impact. The Gold Award can be issued where entries have not addressed all issues relating to the development of their product but have accessed necessary expertise to advise them of potential issues and further development.

The entry shows:

  • Robust initial concept with clear links to research undertaken
  • Clearly communicated outline of idea
  • Potential developmental opportunity
  • Team have connected with at least one external organisation for feedback
  • Team has explored viability of production of product
  • Team has identified target market for the product
  • Team have started to consider ‘brand’ and route to market
  • Team have developed a prototype for the product
  • Team have created a product with significant potential impact
  • Team can clearly articulate the research, viability and potential of their product

Winning Teams 2015

Ali, Liz and Maggie

Sandra, Anna and Roland


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