TeenTech will be going forward to the finals of the Enterprising Britain Awards after being selected as the regional winner for the South East. The competition recognises organisations in the UK that are working in partnership to create an enterprising place.

TeenTech ambassador helping with the Ultimate Snowboard Challenge

The award recognises the  practical steps we’ve taken to bridge the serious disconnect between cutting edge science and technology  developed by companies across the Thames Valley and young students sitting in schools, struggling to see the relevance of Science,Engineering and Maths.

The day helps young people to see what they need to do to be part of the technology revolution rather than mere consumers. And it’s also their chance to show businesses how much talent there is in the classroom.

Collecting the Regional Award at the House of Lords. L to R Joanna Birrell,Jocelyn Lomer, Beverley Graves, Maggie Philbin and Amanda Richards