What a big day for TeenTech.

HRH Duke of York joined hundreds of teenagers at our Basingstoke event as they explored the very latest science and technology with engineers and technologists from some of the UK’s leading companies.

The Duke of York surrounded by enthusiastic teenagers, keen to ask him questions

TeenTech is always exciting, featuring technology many of the students, teachers and indeed other companies have never seen. But there’s no doubt that having the Duke of York tour the event, spending time trying out the technology and  chatting to young people to encourage them to think about careers in Science, Technology and Engineering added a powerful dimension to the day.This is how BBC News covered the event 

TeenTech always assign young reporters to prepare real pieces for print, radio and television. There was a lot of pressure on 16 yr olds Charlotte  and Kara, who not only discovered they would be interviewing HRH Duke of York but would be doing so on behalf of all the journalists present.

During the interview the Duke of York was clear about his interest in TeenTech saying the event offers young people an opportunity to experience something different, to see how important the STEM subjects are and to understand the huge range of possible careers in very different fields. He considers innovation in Science and Technology to be a young persons game and that it’s vital to encourage young people to understand this . “If you look at the significant changes in science and technology , most have been made by people in their late twenties or early thirties”, he said.

With students at JVC

The Duke of York meets Alyson Fielding from Pyuda who led the "Design an App" session

The Duke gave an inspiring talk to students



Maggie Philbin said TeenTech was delighted with the visit. “It was a real honour to welcome the Duke of York and to see his obvious determination to help young people understand what they need to do to take advantage of the opportunities available in our high tech industries. He was absolutley engrossed in the technology and clearly knew how to talk and how to listen to teenagers. We are delighted by the serious interest he has shown in our work”

HRH Duke of York with the BT Apprentices