TeenTech is a great opportunity for young journalists to understand what goes on in a newsroom. Whether you work for BBC News or a regional print paper, it’s a highly skilled job, requiring technical and journalistic expertise. We give  small groups of older students the task of producing real reports for a range of media under supervision of  industry mentors.

So you can imagine the pressure on 16 yr olds Charlotte  and Kara at our Hampshire event  who not only discovered they would be interviewing HRH Duke of York as part of their day but would be doing so on behalf of all the journalists present.



During the interview the Duke of York  said TeenTech offers young people an opportunity to experience something different, to see how important the STEM subjects are and to understand the huge range of possible careers in very different fields. He considers innovation in Science and Technology to be a young persons game and that it’s vital to encourage young people to understand this . “If you look at the significant changes in science and technology , most have been made by people in their late twenties or early thirties”, he said.

You can listen to ‘Student reporters interview the Duke of York at TeenTech Hampshire’ on Audioboo

And this is how BBC News reflected the event.

At Ascot , three young reporters worked under the supervision of local journalist Rebecca Johnson to cover the stories of the day.


 Carly Newman, Holly Hobson and Kamila Sinoplu felt the pressure of the deadline as they took on a real commission to produce a double page spread for The Chronicle which would go out across Berkshire. They decided on the stories, took the photos and wrote the pieces.

They did a brilliant job. Have a look     Reading Chronicle 16 May 2012-1

At TeenTech Tonbridge – the student reporters worked with News For Schools to produce a brilliant edition of The Innovation Times! See their account of the day here:

Innovation Times final