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As a broadcaster, we were born to be different, with a remit to create change through entertainment, represent unheard voices and challenge with purpose.

Since 1982, our unique model—commercially funded but publicly owned—means we’ve been able to offer independent, distinctive and universal content, reflecting the interests of different communities across the UK. As a publisher-broadcaster, we commission content from the independent production sector and currently work with around 300 creative companies across Britain every year. Our All 4 platform is the UK’s largest free streaming service, alongside our network of 12 television channels.

Constantly looking to innovate and think with the future in mind, our digital-first approach is supported by our commitment to give opportunities to young people across the UK. With the aim of increasing diversity in technology, creative and broadcasting, we’re delighted to be working with TeenTech to continue our community engagement and work with young people to achieve this goal.

Our work with TeenTech

Through TeenTech, young people will be able to learn from our people and visit our offices to explore the opportunities available to them. We hope that TeenTech participants will discover new roles they had never considered for themselves, and see there is a place for them with us or within broadcast security in the future.