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You can register, and join us live, for our upcoming TeenTech Live sessions in the North East here. We have heard from many teachers and parents that they would like to replay some of our recent live sessions, so we’re making them available to watch back.

TeenTech Innovation Live Sessions (for students aged 11-19)
🌏The Environment 💉Health 🎮Game Design 🤖Future Technology 🏭Future of Industry 🔒Cyber Security

TeenTech City of Tomorrow Live Sessions (for students aged 8-13)
🏙️TeenTech City of Tomorrow Live Build Day

For TeenTech Innovation Live sessions, your students/children are welcome to complete projects for any of these sessions, and send across any questions they may have, even though the deadline has passed, and we’ll provide feedback on our upcoming Ask the Experts/Feedback Session on March 9th.

For TeenTech City of Tomorrow Live sessions, you can submit projects up until February 24th and we’ll showcase all projects on our Ask the Experts Feedback Session on March 1st.

You need to be logged into a TeenTech account in order to register for these sessions. Please sign-in using the form above, or register for an account here.