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      What you’ll need to do…

      Join our TeenTech Build Your Future Live session on the date and time listed above, and press play on the video above a few minutes before the start time.

      Once the live session has finished, your students can get to work on their project. You can use our worksheets or, if you don’t have a printer, you can use plain paper and use our worksheets as a guide.

      Once your students have finished their projects, please submit them here. You’ll be able to upload some information about your each project and a couple of images too (you could take photos of the drawings, for example).

      If your students wish to submit a short 60-second presentation as a video, you could do that too! We love playing videos for our industry guests.

      Then, join us on Thursday 17th March for our TeenTech Build Your Future Live Showcase. Please book your place here. During the Showcase, our industry experts will provide project feedback and answer any additional questions you have.

      Want to join us for more sessions?

      TeenTech Live Innovation sessions offer students, aged 11 – 18, insight into world-class organisations and the opportunities that lie within them. We are now offering these sessions online and each session will be hosted by a leading TeenTech sponsor or supporting company.