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      TeenTech Animation Masterclasses with OCR Resources

      Join us for a special programme of free animation activities, designed to support students (and their teachers) enrolled in their Cambridge National iMedia qualification, and give younger students a taste of the course content. We’ll be featuring industry experts from film, television and gaming, and spotlighting pre-production, production and post-production skills. Learn more here.


      Task 1 - Pre-Production (10th February)

      You can download some worksheets here to help your students complete the challenge.

      TeenTech Innovation Live - Animation Pre-Production Worksheets (A3)
      TeenTech Innovation Live - Animation Pre-Production Worksheets (A4)

      We'll also be demonstrating Storyboard That - - so please make sure this website is whitelisted on your network.


      Task 2 - Production (15th February)

      To help students get started with their animations, we looked at two tools.

      For students wanting to create stop-motion and claymation animations, we ran a tutorial using Stop Motion Studio.

      Android (and supported Chromebooks):


      We also talked students through creating their first frame-based animation using Clip Studio Paint. Clip Studio Paint is a low-cost application, which also has a free trial, and is very similar to Adobe Animate. 

      The approach and process the students will learn using Clip Studio Paint are transferrable to other applications, including Adobe Animate. If you have access to Adobe Creative Cloud in school, or students have an education subscription of their own, then it’s useful to highlight that these packages are similar.


      Share Progress

      We encourage students to share their progress between sessions. At the start of each session, we will be showcasing the work the students have completed so far! It's a great chance to get feedback from experts in animation! 

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